10 things you should know before hiring a roofing company

You know the saying about having a roof above our heads’. That indeed says a lot in itself. Your roof is the first, and primary, protection you and your family get from the elements so that nothing would literally drop down onto your head’! It is also the crowning glory of your house. There’s nothing more disconcerting than seeing broken, cracked or missing tiles and shingles in a roof. And when that happens, it’s a clear indication that havoc will ensue and further damage done to your homes roof. If the overall conditions of your roof are in a dismal state, then it’s time to call in a reliable and proven roofing contractor to give it a makeover or just do the necessary repair work. This itself is another critical issue as choosing the right contractor ls the most important decision you need to make.



These are the top 10 tips or key points that we believe will help you in selecting the ideal, professional roofing contractor who will make sure you get the perfect work done in the best time and at the best price for your roof.

Don’t accept the lowest bid as your priority as that’s no sure guarantee that the contractor can ensure you get the best job done. Like they say, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! However, if the contractor does quote much cheaper because his overheads are low, or has access to quality roofing materials at a lower price, then it’s a different consideration altogether. Engage a properly licensed, and insured, roofing contractor through the right licensing authorities.

This is to protect yourself in the event that any mishaps should occur whilst the repair works are in progress so that you will not be liable for any accidents happening to the workers. How much experience does the contractor have and how long has he been in business? Better yet, is his company a member of any professional work organizations with credibility? Get a commercial roofing contractor who has a proper business license, an official place of business with a proper address, a phone number that is not bogus, and even a tax identification number.

Get him to explain fully to you the details of the roofing materials he will be using to fix your roof and the reasons for his choice. Is he giving you any roofing warranties? Make sure you get that officially in writing. Find out also the key personnel whom he will put in charge of the roofing project, apart from him being the contractor. Is he going to be hands-on himself, too? Insist also on open communications between both parties always. Insist that the crew will clean up your worksite after each day’s work until the entire roofing is completed. There must be no leftover materials like broken roof tiles or nails. Make sure the contractor provides you with satisfied customer references that you can check up on. A bona fide, professional contractor would have nothing to hide and gladly comply with your request. Finally, everything must be officially recorded in a written contract dovetailing scope of work, time frames, material specifications and full breakdown of costs and labor charges.

After all the above is done, then comes the courteous handshake to kick off the project of restoring your roof!